The opening of the Novitiate, the installation of Dolcita KALEMA as Novice Mistress and the reception of the Pre Novices was taken place on 3 March 2019 in Uganda. It is with great joy and gratitude that we come to share with you how the celebration of the opening of the Novitiate, the installation... Read more
Sr. Vivian Fernando, HFB from Talitha Kum Philippines participated a seminar that was organized by the Office of Human Development (OHD) of Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC). 40 participants from 11 Asian countries have gathered in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh from 11 to 17 of February... Read more
“Together against Human Trafficking!” 8 February 2019 Let us together remember the fifth World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking. Prayer: St. Josephine Bakhita, you were sold into slavery as a child and endured untold hardship and suffering. Once liberated from your physical... Read more
Almost 30 sisters from Britain and Ireland gathered at Provincial House, Aberdare, on 1 December 2018, for the inauguration of the new Leadership Team consisting of Sr. Catherine Lavery (Unit Leader), Srs. Claire McGrath, Margaret Muldoon, Lucilla Bonaventhoor and Maria Crowley. Service,... Read more
A new insertion among older people in Azalea gardens, Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) Just being here is already a Ministry of PRESENCE, a new experience, not only for us as Sisters, but also for those in our Complex. We moved in here to Azalea Gardens on 23 July 2018. The Azaleas were in full... Read more
On Wednesday 28 November, Micheline and Kumudinie participated in the Annual General Assembly of the Solidarity with South Sudan. It was a very special event as the celebration marked the 10 th anniversary of its journey. It was a day of listening and sharing, being touched by and in solidarity... Read more
Something more to know about the Holy Family of Bordeaux in Lesotho: Click here to read moreRead more
On 21 November 2018, a new dawn for the Italian Sisters. Italy which earlier had been a Province, had become part of the European Reseau, together with France and Belgium since 2006. Turning a new page in its journey, Italy became again a separate Unit and was officially erected on this day. The... Read more
The JRS UK hosting scheme offering destitute refugees respite accommodation As a member of one of the hosting communities, Sr. Margaret Muldoon HFB offered this reflection. As members of an international congregation of women Religious, we have committed ourselves to “be with” people who are on the... Read more
A drop of rain turned into a shower..... A birthday gift to our Good father... In the year 2016, the youth of the Holy Family decided on 5 projects among remember was to provide needed equipment to the cancer hospital. The seed has sawn....meetings, discussions were held to find ways and means to... Read more
The awareness programmes conducted along with the “HANGUM WARUSAWA” project. The youth of the holy family, Colombo unit has been conducting various programmes since 2017, under the project, “ Loved ones seeking for a smile of Hope – Showers of feelings”. These programmes were launched through... Read more
From 9 th – 15 th October the members of the “Roots” team met in the Generalate. The last General Chapter reminded us that “it is the spirit of God Alone that gives energy and impetus for mission” and throughout the Family reflections are taking place, helping us to explore our spirituality in the... Read more
The General Chapter in 2014 recommended that we “seek ways of encouraging and deepening the Spirit of God Alone in all members”. In the December issue of Weavings 2017 , we shared how our Sisters – Breda, Colleen, and Kathleen participated in an international session for deepening our roots. The... Read more
Pope Francis will preside over the Synod of Bishops on – “Young people, Faith and Vocational Discernment” , scheduled to be from 3-28 October . The discussions will focus on teenagers and young adults in the Catholic Church, to find ways to encourage their enthusiasm and dreams and help them sift... Read more
Recently at church, a mother of two young men approached me asking for spiritual help for her boys. Both men who are autistic show signs that they love the church, and longing to receive the Eucharist when they see their parents receiving. They were not prepared for the sacraments or given any help... Read more
W e the Sisters in Bulan and the Lay Associates and with some volunteer leaders have been working with the ‘Pastoral Care for Children’s Program since 2017 June. We are taking care of 70 selected families in Obrero among the underprivileged, and those who live in the peripheries. We are glad that... Read more
Creation day 1 September 2018 In 2015 Pope Francis designated 1 September annually as a world day of prayer for the care of creation in the Catholic Church. The day of prayer, the Pope said gives individuals and communities an opportunity to implore God’s help in protecting creation and an... Read more
A great time was spent by 108 children in Mahil (be joyful) park on 11 th and 16 th July 2018. This park was opened by Holy Family sisters at Puthukudiyiruppu in Mullaithevu district on September 2015. The purpose of this accomplishment is to create a non-violent future generation in the... Read more
On 19 June a group of thirty-six Holy Family Lay Members, Sisters and friends from Britain and Ireland arrived in Martillac to begin a week during which they would deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Fr. Noailles and his foundation in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. We began our time... Read more
The International session for Information/Communications service (from Monday 21 to Thursday 31) for the Family began this morning here in the Generalate. There are 24 participants from 18 Units and the Vicariate. It is a joy to have also the presence of Anne-Marie Sibille, one of our Lay... Read more