The closing of the 20th General Chapter As usual, a short prayer helped the Capitulants to enter into the spirit of the day. Following that, Matthieu explained the process of this last session. Today, the Chapter will be officially concluded The main task is the counting of the postal votes for the... more
The 20 th Holy Family General Chapter has officially ended! During the final session today, the elections have been completed for the Vicar of the Contemplatives, and for four Apostolic General Councillors: Malinie JOSEPH – Vicar Geni DOS SANTOS – General Councillor, Assistant General Jesmin... more
“When a congregation comes from its heart-space, there is a power that is shaped by the charism and its contemplative imagination meets the needs of the times.” (Religious Life for our World) This was the thrust of 14 th day prayer. At the Crossroads… These three days (13-15) were very precious,... more
06/12/2021 We could change the world By first changing our heart. In introducing today’s process, Mathieu connected the above lines of the song used in the prayer, which conveys a message appropriate for the journey ahead. The process for the day included listening to the work done by the... more
07/12/2021 A vote-count like no other: at least, in the history of Holy Family Chapters! Because the Chapter is online, Fr. Lougen, OMI Superior General – who had kindly opted to be physically present in keeping with our tradition, was in the hall with only the three Scrutineers. They were... more
07/12/2021 Ana Maria ALCALDE DE ARRIBA has been re-elected for a second mandate. In the presence of Fr Louis Lougen, OMI Superior General, the postal ballots were counted at Generalate today. Ana María was elected in the first round. Thank you for your “Yes”, Ana Maria. Congratulations and every... more
According to the task that had been given the previous day, a plenary session took place. This was related to the reports compiled by the various groups on different themes. The capitulants were invited to share their experiences on how the group perceived the work and what emotions and movements... more
Today Malinie Jayamanne, the General Bursar, presented the Financial Report on behalf of the General Leadership Team. The report covered the financial years from 2014- 2020, from the last Chapter to this Chapter. This report included two parts; Ordinary income and expenditure Capital income and... more
1 Dec 2021 AT THE BEND IN THE ROAD The theme of today’s prayer was, “A Journey”- this journey also connected us with Advent, a time of “stepping beyond”. Advent points us to a God of the future, a God who will always be more than anything we are, so as we awaken to a new being in Christ then we too... more
30/11/2021 Capitulant for the Whole – or just for my part? Reviewing the ground covered since Feb -March, Matthieu challenged all to a self-evaluation. As Capitulants, were they concerned for the vitality of the whole Body? Were they able to sustain an inner state of discernment? Are they aware... more