During the 6 th day, Mattheiu led the Capitulants to go back to the experience of Feb – March, the journey initiated, to see where the Body is in this specific time in its history. He recalled the question that came up in the EGC of 2019 – “Can we still live our purpose…?"– which was then worked on... more
27/11/2021 Election of the Superior General THE ELECTION RESULTS will only be known after all the postal ballots have arrived in Rome and been counted in Chapter. SO WE WILL WAIT IN PATIENCE, FAITH AND TRUST.more
M. Daum once again reminded the Capitulants that they have been engaged in an ongoing discernment process reaching back even beyond the 2018 and 2019 Enlarged General Councils and the Pre-Chapter meeting of Feb-March 2021… Reflection and group interaction on day 3, around WHICH SISTERS HAVE THE... more
The day’s prayer began with an invocation to the Holy Spirit, and drawing inspiration from the reading of Mt. 5: 14, “You are the light of the world". Silent music to make us dance our life ...come Clear lens that makes us look at reality with hope ... come Loving comforter of the poor and... more
24 November –Ana Maria’s Birthday. “Happy Birthday” in different languages was sung by the Capitulants: another new “Zoom” experience! Catherine Pilenthiran’s birthday and Delphine Nguezia’s feast-day were also remembered. After the Opening Prayer, Matthieu recalled the previous day’s work and... more
The 20th General Chapter of our Holy Family Institute has begun Finally, after a long period of preparation, reflections and discernment, we have begun our Chapter with 55 Capitulants and with the facilitator Matthieu Daum. The telematic Chapter was opened at 12 noon Rome time, using our virtual... more
The 20 th General chapter has begun; some moments were marked to open this great event. One among them was the Capitulants expressing their commitment by responding to Ana Maria by saying "Here I am".more
In your Spirit, gather us, In your Spirit open our hearts , In your Spirit, O God, Guide and direct our path This was our prayer as the Capitulants, led by the Chapter Facilitator, Matthieu Daum, entered into a Zoom meeting on November 12. “Memories connect us” was one phrase in the prayer – and... more