MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR THE CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE CARE OF CREATION 1 SEPTEMBER 2016 Show Mercy to our Common Home United with our Orthodox brothers and sisters, and with the support of other Churches and Christian communities, the Catholic Church today... Read more
REFUGEE WEEK IN BRADFORD 20 - 26 June Bradford, city of sanctuary, has a very special and proud tradition of welcoming refugees and people who have to leave their countries due to political, religious or other reasons. There are almost 340 families currently seeking asylum in Bradford. The theme of... Read more
Living (out of sight) under Plastic The Community of Campohermoso Last December, REVISTA 21 published an article about migrants in the Níjar district where we live. Since we would find it difficult to improve on the description of the situation given there, we decided to copy some parts of the... Read more
Solemn Requiem Mass for Sr. Veronika Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Friends, We thank you for sharing in our grief, in the past days, at the painful and tragic loss of Sr. Veronika, Theresia Racková, SSpS. Sr. Veronika was born in Slovakia on 08 January 1958. She made her first vows in the... Read more
On this feast of the Trinity when our God of Relationship, invites us to loving appreciation of the Oneness, the connectedness, we give thanks to that Love and for the many ways we have encountered the same Love in our personal and Holy Family journey. Recalling the memory of our beginnings with... Read more
UISGPLENARY: Supporting Global Sisterhood Sr. Rosemary Nassif, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation The global sisterhood is created by partnerships—not only in what we do, in our works, but also in our relationships – how we think, plan, organize, learn, believe and hope. Collaboration is a true sign of... Read more
UISG Plenary: A big Family Sr. Carmen Sammut, UISG President, states: “It is every three years that we have the occasion to meet many of us, members of the UISG, together. Our theme is ‘Weaving global solidarity for life’. Our first aim is our getting to know each other, getting to know from the... Read more
Sr. Carmen Sammut’s introduction to the #UISGPlenary : Dear sisters, In the name of the executive board, the executive secretary, and all the staff of the UISG, I have the joy of welcoming you to this our Plenary Assembly. I also welcome our guests, our speakers, the members of the press, our... Read more
MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR THE 50th WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY Communication and Mercy: A Fruitful Encounter Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Holy Year of Mercy invites all of us to reflect on the relationship between communication and mercy. The Church, in union with Christ, the living... Read more
Gender parity within- Understanding ‘the woman’ The theme for Women’s International Day 2016 declared by the United Nations, stirred me a lot and I wish, we all reflect on the underlying urgency for declaring such a theme. The theme is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it up for Gender Equality”. This is... Read more
In the summer of 2015, when I had just arrived in my new home in Woodford Green, I attended a meeting of Religious to celebrate The Year of Consecrated life. Alan Williams, the Bishop of our Diocese of Brentwood and himself a Religious, was also there. To my surprise – probably because he saw a new... Read more
Siste rs fr om Generalat e participated in the Stations of the Cross on Palm Sunday organized by JPIC Commission of USG-UISG Rome. Christ’s journey to crucifixion, based on the reflections taken from Lauda­to Si, each station acknowledged a significant breaking of the covenant with the entire... Read more
Washing of the Feet – a Gesture of Love As a result of a direct intervention by Pope Francis, the situation regarding the Washing of the Feet has been clarified. On 20 December 2014 he wrote to Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, and in January it was... Read more
An image that came to me most powerfully recently was the image of Jesus crying. We find several instances of Jesus crying in the Gospels. Jesus looked at the city of Jerusalem and wept:”O Jerusalem, Jerusalem how often I would have gathered you as a mother hen gathers her chicks, but you would not... Read more
I know a girl who aspired to become a classical pianist. She had natural talent. She spent hours in practice. Then one night a man broke into her house and attacked her with a knife, badly disfiguring her hands. Today her piano sits silent. I know a man who had a promising career in publishing. He... Read more
10 TPs from Lesotho, Rwanda and Uganda re-united at a workshop in South Africa. This was a wonderful moment for us to meet together, as for most of us we had shared good time in novitiate, whereas some were seeing each other for the first time in their lives as Holy Family members. This was the... Read more
In a hotel set amidst an olive grove on the Greek island of Lesvos, refugees fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones share their traumatic experiences and mourn the loss of their past lives. A Syrian woman is haunted by the memory of her husband dying from a cardiac arrest... Read more
From L-R: Sr. Anselm, Sr. Reginette, Sr. Judith, Sr. Marguerite. Sister Anslem, Sister Reginette, Sister Judith, and Sister Marguerite were serving as caretakers at the Missionaries of Charity's convent and nursing home in Aden, Yemen. These sisters left their homes in India and Africa to serve the... Read more
Pursuing our Provincial Chapter commitment to collaborate with other organisations in support of refugees, a first port of call was the JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service). Some sisters, including Margaret Muldoon, had the privilege of meeting Louise Zanré who was JRS (UK) Director up to the end of last... Read more
We have heard the word Mercy a lot recently. In fact, the theme of this edition of Vocation for Justice is Mercy . On the centre pages you will find a very interesting modern interpretation of the traditional Christian teaching of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy . Mercy is so important for Pope... Read more