A Living Charism



"A charism is born of the freedom of the spirit,
hence its strength can never be foretold, its future never foreseen."

In the Holy Family Association, the work that Fr. Noailles founded, there is incorporated a dynamic principle, a capacity for renewal, adaptation and change. The Founder had a vision which was conditioned by his history. His followers keep the charism alive by entering into their history, while being faithful to his intentions and spirit. They translate into present-day language both the past happenings that created their identity and the Word that reveals God. The charism is a ray of light on the mystery of salvation and also a special mission.

Today the Holy Family comprises:

          • Apostolic and Contemplative Sisters who together form a Religious Institute
          • an Institute of Consecrated Secular Women
          • Lay Associates
          • Priest Associates

          A sign and leaven of unity, the Family is a centre of sharing and mutual support and a source of apostolic vitality. All its members are motivated by the same spirit and the same aim. In solidarity and complementarity, they bear witness to the Church-as-Family. They are responsible for living out the Founder's charism in a way which is relevant for their own time and for all time, and for spreading it and making it known.