WISHES FOR A NEIGHBOURHOOD F or some years now in France, the ANRU (National Development for Urban Renewal) has been at work in our neighbourhoods demolishing and rebuilding to give these areas a new look. It seemed like a good idea to re-plan them so that they are more human. Yet , it does not... Read more
On the feast of the Sacred Heart our two Sisters Séverine Kandolo and Solange Boma made their final commitment during the Eucharist celebrated by His Lordship José Moko Ekanga the bishop of Idiofa at which twenty priests and three deacons concelebrated. OUR SITERS MAKE PERPETUAL VOWS AT IDIOFA On... Read more
“I present this to the authorities presented here in all the organizations represented here, very much. And our thanks go to the people of brazil and their president. Thank you also goes to the United Nations. EASTERN REPUBLIC OF URGUGUAY TO ADDRESS THE CONFERENCE, MR. JOSE MUJIC A – “I present... Read more
When the women were rejected by the society Jesus had a special concern towards them, especially to those women who were oppressed by the society. He raised them up and helped them to live in dignity. COMPASSIONATE JESUS SPEAKS TO WOMEN “Do not weep for me: weep rather for yourselves and for your... Read more
On Friday, 8 March, I was invited to the community of Quesnel, there to experience a moment of intense communion, thanksgiving and hope for a new departure. With serene and confident hearts we celebrated the long road travelled together as a community, reminding ourselves of the mission that was... Read more
World Youth Day was initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985. For the first celebration of WYD in 1986, bishops all over the world were invited to schedule an annual youth event to be held every Palm Sunday in their dioceses. It is celebrated at the diocesan level annually, and at the international... Read more
Do we need it ? Bottled water costs more than $1.50 a bottle ; This is 1.900 times the price of tap water. It is bad news for : Your Wallet On average, a North American citizen Spends $400 a year on bottles of water. BOTTLED WATER Do we need it ? Bottled water costs more than $1.50 a bottle ; This... Read more
As I think how to celebrate the Feast of Our Dear Founder, Amidst my stream of activities, a voice in me cried… Stop! Listen to what you are hearing At the urging of the inner call to stop, I paused for a while and I hear the words of Pope Francis which turn my direction… I am inspired and am... Read more
These are the words of Fr. Giovanni La Manna president of the centre for emigrants and refugees at Astalli where some of our Sisters do voluntary work. HUMAN RIGHTS FOR REFUGEES: A FANTASY These are the words of Fr. Giovanni La Manna president of the centre for emigrants and refugees at Astalli... Read more
It is a well-known fact that Fr. Noailles had great devotion to Our Lady. We are told that “he loved her as a son loves his mother”. “He had to see her everywhere and, if we did not know how great his devotion for her was, we would be astonished to see so many of her images around him”. OUR LADY OF... Read more
(World Environment Day (WED) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 and first celebrated the following year. This was the first occasion on which the political, social and economic problems of the global environment... WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY PRAYER FOR 5 TH OF JUNE, 2013 (... Read more
You must be wondering what the EGC participants have been up to during the last few days. We will tell you about it briefly. This meeting is in three parts: You must be wondering what the EGC participants have been up to during the last few days. We will tell you about it briefly. This meeting is... Read more
There is a lot of activity in the hall: the participants are arriving, they greet each other, they are happy to see one another and there is lots of life about. The assembly is made up of 27 participants from 23 countries, 16 Units, all bringing the wealth of their respective contexts; they are... Read more
To understand my Faith in my everyday life, it is necessary to understand what makes me live. I would say that Faith is a ‘gift’ story and a great love story. A ‘gift’ story, first of all, because I believe it is God who gives us the gift of Faith. God chooses us. God calls us. HOW MY FAITH MAKES... Read more
The need for improved relationships and a rebuilding of trust in the Church is the message that has been emerging from a meeting of the International Union of Superiors General, or UISG, which opened here in Rome last Friday. The five days meeting brings together some 800 leaders of women’s... Read more
Recently, the D. R. of Congo has seen serious difficulties cause by the war that is bringing about insecurity and ever-increasing poverty. The people, in spite of their efforts to claim their rights, remain powerless faced with the complexity surrounding the external and internal causes about them... Read more
During the International Meeting for Basic Formation in the Institute, March 2012, the sisters representing Canada and the countries of Europe, together with the sisters of the Vicariate, once more raised the issue of the topicality of our Charism for today’s world. INTERNATIONAL MEETING FOR THE... Read more
Since 2010 the sisters of the Delegation of Cameroon-Chad have wanted to open a second community in Chad to reinforce the community of Gounou-Gaya. The Visit of Animation by the two members of the General Leadership Team, Ana Maria and Micheline, helped us to reflect and decide on our priorities as... Read more
Every time you see or use water, remember it is a gift of God. Learn to develop a reverential attitude to this vital liquid. It is not just a commodity or object but rather “our sister”. By developing a contemplative gaze we are led to the Creator through creatures: “All praise be Yours, my Lord,... Read more
I thank the Lord that I can celebrate this Holy Mass for the inauguration of my Petrine ministry on the solemnity of Saint Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and the patron of the universal Church. It is a significant coincidence, and it is also the name-day of my venerable predecessor: we are... Read more