Easter Message - Ana Maria ALCALDE (Superior General)


Dear all,

We are celebrating a more intense Easter than ever. The silence that surrounds us invites us to enter into our innermost being to participate more deeply in the Paschal Mystery that we celebrate.

This Holy Thursday there will be no washing of the feet, but Jesus will be there, washing feet,  robed in the gown of a nurse, a doctor, a chaplain ... comforting, taking by the hand those who are living in loneliness, uncertainty, fear ... in hospitals, houses, care homes ...

This Good Friday the Passion is being lived outside the temples, and the Way of the Cross is taking other routes: through hospitals, communities, nursing homes, cemeteries ... It will not be a memorial, but a real Way of the Cross: of pain, anguish, loneliness, tears ... acceptance and self-offering.

This Holy Saturday there will be an overwhelming silence in the face of our vulnerability and helplessness, because we were not able to protect life, nor could we be close to our loved ones in their hour of greatest need.

There will be a Easter Vigil in a night where there is no lack of fire: for the world is ablaze, burning our old lifestyle, creating space for another way of understanding, relating, seeing, caring, loving ... in solidarity and interdependence with the whole of Creation.

A fire that feeds our hope. May its light shine on all the graves, because life will never be defeated by death. God is our security!

Jesus is alive, he goes before us into Galilee. We will meet him there.



(Text inspired by - Carlos Padilla Esteban, 04/08/2020)