Something unique and special...

Everyone has something special in their personal life or family that they cherish and share with others.

As the Big Family of PBN, we have something unique and special to cherish and treasure from generation to generation, and Jesus blessed us with the Miraculous Benediction. What a privilege! What a blessed people we are.

God, who walked with the people of Israel, protected them and led them by sending the prophets on their journeys. Looking back on our Holy Family history, we see how God led our Founder and Early Mothers through their struggles. February 3, 1822, was a grace-filled and special day for our Big Family, where Jesus appeared and blessed our Family during the Miraculous Benediction that lasted for twenty minutes. Due to the pastoral work in St.Eulalie, our Founder had to attend to other needs, and he sent one of his fellow priests, Fr. Delort, to expose the Blessed Sacrament on his behalf. The priest, altar boy, and Sisters witnessed Jesus appearing in the monstrance as a young man with a radiant face. He graciously bowed to the congregation and assured us that He is always with us. Today, we are blessed to live in this Family and experience the Lord's blessings in our personal lives.

Every year when we celebrate our Triduum (February 1st–3rd), we are reminded of three important aspects of our lives: the presence of Jesus, His blessings, and His words. The Miraculous Benediction is not an exaggerated story but a real experience that brings joy to everyone in our Big Family and beyond.

Sister Marie Louis Francoise Peychaud, who did not see the apparition but had her eyes closed in deep prayer, heard these words, which still echo in our hearts as we celebrate the Miraculous Benediction in our era.


“I am the One who is
and there is no other.
Honour and the esteem of creatures
are but smoke
and I am the One who is.
Their friendship is but dust
and I am the One who is.
Wealth and pleasure
are but mud
and I am the One who is
and there is no other.”

God is greater than power, fame, wealth, and everything else. He says, 'I am the One who is, and there is no other.' The Miraculous Benediction gives hope to our hopeless world. May the blessings of the Miraculous Benediction overflow like a river into the lives of those who suffer physically, mentally, and spiritually every day.


Mercy Rani Jebamalai

Generalate, Rome