Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010

Theme for 2010

You are witnesses of these things.
Luke 24 : 48

The theme for 2010 was chosen in Scotland, where churches were, at the same time, preparing to celebrate the anniversary of the 1910 World Mission Conference on the theme "Witnessing to Christ today", which marked the beginnings of the modern ecumenical movement.
In 1908, the Rev. Paul Wattson, a North American Anglican priest, founded the "Octave for unity". The Faith and Order movement began publishing "Suggestions for an octave of prayer for Christian unity" in 1926. 
In 1966, the WCC Commission on Faith and Order and the Roman Catholic Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity (now known as the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity-PCPCU) began official joint preparation of materials for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  
Joint publication of identical texts began in 2004, printing of all brochures by the WCC in 2006.

Brochure in English:


Two texts for our meditation

We wish to emphasize the sign of unity among all Christians as the way and instrument of evangelization. The division among Christians is a serious reality which impedes the very work of Christ. The Second Vatican Council states clearly and emphatically that this division "damages the most holy cause of preaching the Gospel to all men, and it impedes many from embracing the faith."[123]
[…]"before all men can be brought together and restored to the grace of God our Father, communion must be reestablished between those who by faith have acknowledged and accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of mercy who sets men free and unites them in the Spirit of love and truth."[124]

And it is with a strong feeling of Christian hope that look to the efforts being made in the Christian world for this restoration of the full unity willed by Christ. St. Paul assures us that "hope does not disappoint us."[125] While we still work to obtain full unity from the Lord, we wish to see prayer intensified.

Paul VI Evangelii nuntiandi (77)

In the situation of the world today, we are being called with particular urgency to bear efficacious witness, within our homes, in our daily and professional lives and in our contacts with our Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Shaman or Atheist friends.  We are called to bear witness to truth.  Truth is not an object but rather a Person, a Presence that illuminates and that ensures that each person feels accepted and can experience an outpouring of freedom in an immense breath of love.

Maurice Zundel - Sermon for Unity Sunday


Keep on praying throughout the year

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