Season of creation/ La saison de la Création / El Tiempo de la Creación


The Season of Creation calendar has been revised to make it more international and ecumenical in character and more adaptable to the calendar expectations of different countries and traditions. Each community and country is; of course, free to modify this calendar so that it fits the dates, days and themes of the local situation.


The basic pattern for this calendar is:
September 1 – Day of Creation (as in Orthodox traditions)
Four Sundays – four domains of creation e.g, Forest, Land, Ocean and River Sundays
St Francis of Assisi Day
Blessing of the Animals
Special Sunday – appropriate to the country or community
Second Sunday in October – Final Sunday of the Season


THE SEASON OF CREATION – 2019     Series C: Wisdom in Creation
September 1       Creation Day
September 1      1st Sunday in Creation – Ocean Sunday
September  8     2nd Sunday in Creation – Fauna and Flora Sunday
September 15     3rd Sunday in Creation – Storm Sunday
September 22    4th Sunday in Creation – Cosmos Sunday
September 29    5th Sunday in Creation – Blessings of the Animals
October 6           St Francis of Assisi Day  (Oct 4)