The Most Holy Trinity

Today we celebrate one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christianity: The Most Holy Trinity – three distinct, coequal Persons in one God.  It is the greatest Mystery of God in Relationship, the deepest experience of Loving Communion.

Our Founder Ven. Pierre Bienvenu Noailles says; “Of all the mysteries of our holy religion, there is none, which demands such a great sacrifice of our reason as that of the Holy Trinity, but neither is there one, which reminds us so forcibly of the love of God and the gratitude we owe to the three Persons. 

The Trinitarian presence is continually in the background of the writings and spoken words of Fr. Noailles. It is even an essential focus for him. He wanted the foundresses to be three in number. This number reminded him of the Blessed Trinity and that other trinity hidden in the house of Nazareth. He wished to begin his work on the feast of the Blessed Trinity; he gave the name Mother Trinity to his sister, Catherine-Aimée. Certain spiritual favors were granted to his work on the feast of the Trinity. In the 1825 Rules of the Religious of Loreto he wrote: “The Blessed Trinity is the great model for the Religious of Loreto in that their hearts, their goods, their works and their merits must be merged and lost in God Alone, and since their Institute was born on the feast of the Blessed Trinity, they will have a very great devotion for this feast and will celebrate it with all possible solemnity”.

He also uses the following phrase which decisively situates the Holy Family as an extension of the Trinity, the way it was understood in the 17th century, as has been mentioned already: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you whom we love to contemplate in your human nature and in your union of hearts as the gentle image of the ineffable mystery of one God in three persons”.

It was on the feast of the Holy Trinity (which fell on 28 May in 1820) that Fr. Noailles founded the Association with the first three members.

On this special day of ours, may we hear this God, who in Jesus, through the Spirit calls us to keep ‘renewing the face of the Earth’!