Dear all,

On the 3rd of February we will begin to celebrate the Bicentenary of the BLESSING.

We will live this Bicentenary in the context of the COVID 19 epidemic that is affecting the whole world.

The Blessing comes once again to confirm the Presence of Jesus among us, who "blesses" the mission entrusted to the Holy Family to continue to live and offer communion to our Humanity, which is going through an unprecedented crisis, the dimensions and duration of which we cannot even foresee.

As never before, we are called to question the culture and the way of life we are living and to become aware of the deadly consequences it has for Humanity itself and for the Planet.

It is the right time to listen again to the words of Jesus that tell us: "I am the One who is and there is only I who am.  Honour and the esteem of creatures are only smoke and I am the One who is; their friendship is only dust and I am the One who is.  Wealth and pleasure are only mud and I am the One who is and there is no other.”

How do we understand these words today, personally and as the Family of P. B. Noailles?

What is the pressing call we hear?

The celebration of the Bicentenary gives us the opportunity to rekindle in us the hope in the love of God who blesses us and sends us, where we live, to share this Blessing with others in the form of care, comfort, solidarity....

In each vocational group, may we see throughout the year the best way to celebrate this event which is a milestone in our history as a Family. May the limitations imposed by the pandemic be a stimulus to creativity.

May the Blessing,

- Fill us with joy and gratitude.

- May it encourage and enlighten our steps to walk humbly in His Presence. 

- Rekindle fidelity to one's vocation and give us new ardor in mission.

- Renew our trust in Jesus who continues to call us each day, to walk with Mary and Joseph in this time of uncertainty.

This is our prayer for each of you.

With affection,

The Permanent Committee