May 1: Feast of Saint Joseph

May 1 is the feast of Saint Joseph; we are also celebrating International Workers’ Day. Saint Joseph: a man of dreams, a man of action!

God, the creator and sovereign of the universe, called on men and women of all ages to develop and use their talents for the good of others. "Saint Joseph faithfully practiced the trade of carpenter. He is a shining example for all workers." The liturgy of this holiday vindicates the right to work.

An extract from the document of Vatican Council II on the modern world also says that: Where men and women, for the purpose of earning a living for themselves and for their families, offer quality services to the society, they can be convinced that their personal efforts promote the work of the Creator, confer benefits on their fellow men and women, and help to realize the plan of God in history (n ° 34).

We pray for the unemployed; May God fill their lives with meaning and purpose and help them find the work that suits them.