Lent 2013


Video - Kyrie eleison









To give one’s life is to gain it! The RESURRECTION of Jesus is the ultimate reason for our hope that encourages us to work for a more human world.












Good Friday:









Communion with human suffering and hope in the God of life.





Holy Thursday:




When love and devotion become a reality in life our faith is credible. “Love to the end” begins with the sacrifices of each day.









Palm Sunday:






It is forgiveness, not punishment, that saves us and makes us good. It is not death that saves but a love capable of dying.






5th Sunday



JESUS with his presence and his glance, renews us, recreates us, gives us dignity, dispels evil but, especially, directs us towards a new future. Go and live.






4th Sunday:


JESUS’ parable is moving and make us think; it touches the heart and invites us to discover another God, to come out of what we have “learned” and create a new horizon to welcome God and live differently.



3rd Sunday:


JESUS TEACHES US to read history and daily life from God’s point of view. In all events he respects human freedom while always inciting us to conversion.


2nd Sunday:





JESUS INVITES US TO TABOR, a joyful experience of God. All of us have joyful experiences of God. All of us have been gifted with luminous experiences, including that of people who are a light on our path.



1st Sunday:


JESUS IS the one filled with the Spirit, totally “spiritual”. The more “Spirit”, we are, the more human we are; the freer and more human we are, the more “spiritual” we are.




Ash Wednesday:


  “Your origins are pure fragility; they are clay, earth. Only the hands that made you and the breath that gave life are your truth and your divine origin.