An inviting place for Mediation!

Change has been made possible in the lives of 163 war affected youth in Vanni by ‘knowing and accepting themselves through Meditation'! Smiling faces, positive attitude, determination to live a happy life, Building relationship are some of the values practically experienced by the youth! A Meditation & Meeting Hut stands amidst the serene jungle environment, waiting to embrace the youth and to open them up to the whole universe!

The Bicentenary Project of the Holy Family Association of Bordeaux, implemented by the Jaffna Unit is celebrating the 200 years of existence with the grand opening of the Meditation & Meeting Hut !The Exhibition & Sales of the of The products through skill development too is ready to be explored!!

The PBN Family has found its roots among the war affected youth in a remote village ANICHIYANKULAM in MALLAVI!

Holy Family Sisters

Jaffna-Sri Lanka