The Enlarged General Council - 2019

For the second time in just over a year,  the Unit Leaders, Vicariate Council members, and General Leadership Team members gathered once again in Rome.

On the morning of March 20th,  27 of them (Densilla from Pakistan was not there), embarked together on this special 12-day 2019 EGC journey, full of hope and enthusiasm.

Spring marks the end of winter and the transitional period to summer. The significance of spring or new life was expressed in the opening prayer, which included a beautiful circle dance; then the participants representing their Units, offered a plant in full bloom adding beauty and meaning to the little garden prepared as prayer corner. It was also a moment of awareness of how the ecological changes touch their reality; to see the possibilities/changes in the journey together.

Ana Maria in her opening address explained that this EGC “is in continuity with the previous one; it precedes and prepares the General Chapter which will take place in 2020.” And so in the process, the group will explore where we are as ‘body’, look at the lived reality so far and discern what has to be the focus of the 2020 General Chapter.

Taking the floor, the facilitator Matthieu Daum then explained the program and took charge to move the session forward.