Council of the Family

Let us dare to be and create family today

The above theme is addressed to the members of the council of the family; this important Family meeting began today 16 September 2019 in Martillac, France. Relating to our founder’s dream – the opening prayer distinctively portrayed the growth of our big Family, comparing it to the process of a tiny acorn becoming a mighty oak tree. The call to mission was a theme and during the prayer each member went in procession with a seed in hand, planting it in the pot prepared, signifying their dream on the whole. It was also a moment of thanking God for the growth experienced in the recent years in each vocation groups.

The day continued with the opening address of Ana Maria ALCALDE our superior General, which followed the presentation and sharing of the lived experience of the commitments of the 2015 Council of the Family by each vocation (Lay Associates, Apostolic, Secular, Contemplatives and Priest Associates respectively). The first day evening came to a close with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by our priest Associates.