Christ the King

 On the feast of Christ the King, I wonder if you have been struck, as I am, by the fact that in the liturgy of this day, the prayer that initiates us into this strange kingship is that of the Lamb, the sacrificial lamb!   The Lamb that was sacrificed from the beginning of the world and that is worthy of all glory and all love.   

Yes, henceforth, we no longer live in a reign of fear or terror – we are in the kingdom of love!  Human catastrophes are primarily divine catastrophes!  It is primarily God who suffers, God who dies, God who is in agony, God who is broken, deported, exiled…because God, the God of the New Testament, the God of the Cross, the God of the Eucharist, the God of the Sacred Heart, the God who has been the sacrificial lamb from the beginning of the world…this God, a mother God…an authentic mother God suffering in her children, before them, for them, more than they do…

(…) The Gospel of the last judgement is the Gospel of the Annunciation, the Gospel of the Incarnation and it is replicated in us.  And that is what the Church is: the Incarnation that is ongoing, that continues, so that the face of God will always be visible through our face. 

Maurice Zundel

“Your Word as a Source” p.413