A birthday gift to our Good father

A drop of rain turned into a shower..... A birthday gift to our   Good father...

In the year 2016, the youth of the Holy Family decided on 5 projects among remember was to provide needed equipment to the cancer hospital. 

The seed has sawn....meetings, discussions were held to find ways and means to raise funds. Finally, we decided to have a public show.  The theme for the concert was "Hangum warusawa" - a shower of feelings.  To bring a smile to those who seek hope.  All the items were based on cancer: causes, how to prevent, problems faced by near and dear ones, how to look after the patients etc. Each cell was to perform an item.  

Date fixed for 26th in honor of our Good Father's Birthday. Thus the main project of the whole family became this event.  

Gradually the seed was turning into a tree spreading its branches. We felt the great need of conscientious the public when we learned from the relevant authorities that in Sri Lanka annually 15000 succumbed to cancer. 5000 due to unawareness.  

The ministry of health, director of the cancer hospital, national cancer control institution together with our big family joined hands to launch the battle. 

it was a fortune to meet Dr. Suraj Perea specialist consultant of the above institution, who also had been a Youth of HF. Since then he became our guiding light. 

Throughout the year the awareness programmes and preparation for the event went on simultaneously. 

Pin prickly cards, wristbands, leaflets, stickers, street dramas, and awareness lectures in schools took place. 

The concert was a massive task to monitor17 units spread in all corners, find accommodation and food for 250 youth for 2 days etc. 

Here the support we received from our nuns and associates is commendable. We really felt the richness of unity in diversity. They have been our pillar of strength. 

Seeing our good work many came forward to help us. The Claretian novitiate and Holy Cross provincial team opened their doors to keep more than 150 youth to spend the 2 days. 

The auditorium and the premises are given for a minimal fee. 3 nearby houses kept the nun and youth providing meals for 3 days sharing their rooms with us.

It is not only the concert, but the richness of goodwill that showered on us was marvelous.  The 15 subcommittees comprised of youth associates and nuns did their part and finally, we achieved our collective effort.  It was indeed a shower of feelings. 

The concert is over... but we will not stop until we fulfill the task of bringing the smile to the face of people who seek it by eradicating cancer from our motherland. 


Sr Chandani Jayasooriya - PBN Committee

Sri Lanka - Colombo