4th Sunday of Advent




To wait, yes.
But if I were to wait for someone,
Someone whom I could
Neither manipulate, change, nor reform…
Someone and not some thing…

Someone who is not like me
Someone other than myself
Someone so completely other
That I will be taken by surprise
And filled with astonishment
And overcome with desire

Extract from “Chemins d’Avent” (1992)
François Arnold - Robert Riber
Charles singer - Fritz Westphal

Let justice descend, O Heavens, like dew from above
Like gentle rain, let the skies drop it down  
Let the earth open and bring forth the Saviour

Happy is she who believed that the words spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled. 

Sing and rejoice O Virgin Mary
He whom the Universe could not contained reposed in your womb.

Textes de l’Eucharistie de ce jour

Picture: Macha Chmakoff: Visitation