The 3 Leadership teams of Holy Family  Consecrated life

In Martillac, this morning of the 11 September 2019, the 3 Leadership teams of Holy Family  Consecrated life – the Secular, the Contemplative and the Apostolic – came together for a two day reflection and sharing on Holy Family life and mission.

This time, the meeting is organized by the team of the Secular group and Maria Dolores, the leader, initiated the day with a prayer.  Later she invited each one to introduce herself so as to come to know one another before they began the days' work. 

The objective of this meeting was “seeing together what our consecrated life brings to today’s society and looking for a way to renew our actions.”  The main focus of the day was on reflecting the meaning of our consecrated life from where we are living, from our contexts, relating it to the life experience of the Founder.  

After a brief introduction in the morning, the participants went into personal reflection, followed by sharing in the small language groups.  A view of this was presented to the assembly in the afternoon.