To speak of the Good Father is to evoke dreams... Dreams and dreams again... whose realization is in time... a time sometimes long but, for God, "a thousand years are like one day..."

"Every year, the sisters celebrated the feast of St. Peter by offering him small gifts, objects that were supposed to be useful or pleasant.

When it came to the Island of All Graces, the Good Father was offered what was called the "flowers of his feast", to be used.

But even if the collection was abundant, it is not enough to build up the terracotta groups that were meant to signify each station of the pilgrimage. The expense seemed too great ...”

But that was without counting on his daughters of the La Solitude, who, in preparing for the bicentenary of the foundation, had the idea of doing like their ancestors did, raising the necessary funds, with the help of all their friends, to realize this unfinished dream.

They had recourse to an artist steeped in the spirituality of the Holy Family, Maribel Cortes, who put all her talent into making magnificent ceramics. A collaborator of the Holy Family made the supports and the stations found their natural place on the island.

On June 29, as we celebrated his feast day, we surprised our Founder by inaugurating the new Pilgrimage. Thank you Maribel, for the joy you have given us, making it possible to live such a beautiful contemplation.

The sun and heat did not stop our enthusiasm and dynamism. A good group of Sisters of the Holy Family and many friends joined us to celebrate the dawn of this Jubilee Year. A team of sisters and lay people organized the day.

After the significant morning marked by the pilgrimage, a picnic in the countryside followed, with a playful moment around the stories of Martillac. Many had drawn inspiration from “Memories of Martillac”. That's how we listened to the Good Father's conversation with the village priest, found the cow and played with the orphans... The old oak tree did not fail to teach the new one, insisting on the importance of transmission...

A beautiful mass on the island closed this lovely family day presided over by Pierre Meunier, one of our associate priests... A new ‘stony rock’ on our way towards 2020.