Prayer for the presentation of the crosses to the New Councillors

New beginnings are part of the history of the evolution of our Holy Family, where we know that every end is at the same time a new beginning. With grateful hearts, the Generalate community gathered for a special prayer marking the end of the “handing over” process from one Council to the other.  The incoming Council members each received one of the crosses handed down through the generations. The crosses, blessed by Pope Pius IX, were brought from Rome by our Founder and presented to our Early Mothers. They evoke the memory of these first Sisters, and all those who have gone before us, giving their lives for the common mission in the service of animation and leadership. We congratulate our dear Sr. Ana Maria Alcalde the Superior General, Sr Malini Joseph, the Vicar for the Contemplatives, Srs. Geni Dos Santos, Jesmin Fernando, Christa Mariathas and Georgine Mufogoto the Councillors who said ‘Yes’ for the will of God and for the common mission. The nomination of the General Bursar has not yet taken place.

We gratefully thank the members of the outgoing Council, for their selfless service to our Family to carry out the mission of communion.