Easter Message - Ana María Alcalde, Superior General

Dear all,

It is Easter! The Risen Jesus is in our midst and says to us: "Peace be with you... do not be afraid".

Beyond, or rather, through everything that we, and all humanity is currently experiencing, the Risen One is our assurance that life is always reborn from self-giving love and that it lasts forever. Death has no power over it.

Only with Easter eyes will we be able to see life always being reborn, and like the disciple, "see and believe" that life steals in through the cracks of fragility, of suffering, of cries of pain... of solidarity, of compassion, of reconciliation, of unwavering hope....

The Risen Jesus, alive and living, embraces and reconciles all, gifting peace and new hope through unexpected and unimagined forms of presence to each person in all dimensions of reality, inviting us to new beginnings. Nothing can arrest the flow of Life and the power of Love streaming from the luminous wounds of the Crucified and Risen One.

This is the reason for our hope in a "new heaven and a new earth" (Rev. 21, 1-5) that we are building together, as co-workers in God's Project.

May the peace and joy of the Resurrection be in each one of us.