Bicentenary Team Meeting - UNIT: INDIA

We would like to share with you the content of our 2nd meeting of Bicentenary Team briefly.

On 14th July 2017 the meeting was held at Madurai Community and commenced at 10-00 A.M. with opening prayer led by Sr. Mercy Rani. The Gospel values and the Charism of our Founder were taken as our theme. Through Psalm 113, we thanked God for all the blessings that we received as the Family of PBN. The prayer was concluded with a hymn to the Holy Family.



The Participants were:

             Lay  Associates    :   Mr  M.  Irudayadoss,  Mr  A.  Benjamin and Mrs. Mary  Abraham

             Priest Associates:   Frs.  Servatius, Benedict Analin and  Maria Soosai Vincent

             Secular  member :  Miss  Caroline  Leelavathi and Miss Mercy

             Apostolic  sisters :  Srs.  Mary  Arokiam,  John  Mary,  Milred,  Mercy Rani and Rosilin. 

Our main agenda for this meeting were :-

             To share our initial efforts of the preparatory activities of our Bicentenary for this year 2017 such as;-

             Contributing in Humanitarian Project

             Preparing a Jubilee Song

             Preparing the Documentation of  the Family of PBN

             Preparing the Electronic Documentation on each vocations

             The Priest Associates shared:-  in their meeting on 7th July they had mutual sharing and gratitude on the blessings they received in their personal vocation.

             Further steps on Humanitarian Project, all the members were impressed and appreciated very much about the guidance and counseling services of Humanitarian Project for war affected youth and to bring human dignity in two villages - Mallavi and  Jeyapuram, Jaffna.

             We read and reflected the letter dated 1st June 2017 received from the International Bicentenary Team and planned how to celebrate counting the blessings of God as Community / Group.

             The meeting was concluded with the Holy Eucharist and celebrated    Fr. Servatius 50 years of Priesthood. In this Holy Eucharist we prayed for the departed brother          Mr. Vijayakumar the dedicated member of the Lay Associates belongs to Andhra Pradesh.