Jubilee stories from Humanitarian project


  1. Jacob Rose Jasmini

My name is Jacob Rose Jasmini. I am 34 years old. My parents are dead. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, two of them are married. One brother was arrested by the army and I do not know up to now where he is. I studied Advanced level in the commerce section. Now I am working as a volunteer at RAHAMA institute.

At present, there are 3 of us living in our home. During the war, we went to Mannar by sea. In Mannar, the Army arrested my younger brother and an elder brother. My younger brother was put in the rehabilitation camp for 4 years and then released. Elder brother is nowhere to be found. We came to Jeyapuram again in 2012. It is already one year since our father died. Now my sister, my brother and myself are living together. My sister is 40 years old, my brother is 32 years old and I am 34 years old. We are depending on our brother for our daily life.       

  2.      Rajendran Ulaxsini

My name is Rajendran Ulaxsini. I am 24 years old. My home address is no-198, Tharsika Road, Jeyapuram South. I have two brothers and two sisters. We are altogether 8 members in our family, father, mother, 3 girls and 3 boys. In 2009 I was in grade 09 at Jeyapuram Mahavidyalayam. I could not continue my studies there because of the war situation. Displacement took me from one school to another, from union kulam to kilinochchi from there to Tharmapuram then to Vaddakachchi then Mullaithievu. Because of this situation I lost all my property and my education. Then I went to Vavuniya and stayed in a camp.

 Then resettlement brought us to Jeyapuram and we settled down there. I continued my studies- O/L in the same school in 2010. I got through O/L examination, then studied computer (MS office) for three months at Don Bosco. There are no job opportunities in our village even though I have basic computer knowledge. I continued A/L classes. After sitting for A/L examination; I learnt sewing in a sewing centre for 6 months (VTA) then I was very enthusiastic to start a sewing centre. It was impossible without money. I tried my very best and at last I got money as debt and brought a sewing machine worth 42,000.00.I paid back the money on monthly basis. Then I wanted to put-up a shop in my name. To do this I needed money. I got into debt again for 100,000.00 and with this money I built a temporary shop. I worked very hard to clear the debt.

After clearing the debt I built a shop and named it “Seenu Sewing centre”. I tried to raise the standard of living with my own effort, but because of poverty that existed in my family, the income was not enough for me to come up. At this moment my family members advised me to learn beautician in order to raise my income. Now I am learning for beautician at Kilinochchi Kachcheri. I am aiming to start a beauty parlor. Along with it I am interested to sew wedding garments too. These are my personal efforts to earn and income.


3. Vaithialingam Ravivarman

I am Vaithialingam Ravivarman from Therankandal, Mallavi. I am 22 years old. I lost my mother when I was a child and also my elder brother who was afflicted with epilepsy.   I too suffer from this illness from my infancy, hence due to this my abilities are affected and so I am unable to be involved in any job.  So I am wondering what I could do with this illness.  Due to this I often wonder how I could come up in life like the other teenagers of my age in the society. 

Hence I am always shunned by the society due to this illness; my life is a journey between the hospital and my home.   I look forward to some helping hands who can assist me to overcome this illness.  Though I am 22 years of age, still I am unable to cater to my needs and stand on my own feet. I am living with no clothes and no means to feed myself.   Though I am gifted with many talents yet I am unable to benefit through these talents.


 4.  Katheeswaran Dharashan

I am Katheeswaran Dharashan from Anichiyankulam, Mallavi. I am 22 years old.  I have four siblings.  My father has lost his right arm due to the war, my brother Subeshan was wounded in the head and he is unable to use his hand and foot. My mother is psychologically affected and hence mentally imbalanced, and my sister Myura is married.

 Though we are involved in carpentry, we still face financial strain in the family.  I am the only one to do some job and earn some income for the family and at the same time my brother is doing a temporary security job.  I wonder why this should happen to our family and also think of so many youth who have been killed and made disabled and have no future like us today.


5.  Sathiya Selvi

I am Sathiya Selvi, I am from Jeypuram. I am 26 years old. I have finished my University studies in 2017.   Amidst many financial problems, I finished my university studies.   When I was called to follow my University studies no one in the family was pleased with sending me to the university due to the financial problem in the family.  But since I was eager to study, they allowed me to continue my studies in the University.

With the money sent by my brother which amounted to Rs. 10,000/- per month I was able to follow and study in the University. Out of the money received that is Rs. 10,000/- I abstained from some meals and even my morning tea and saved some money to purchase poultry, to be reared at home to gain some additional income.  To be in par with the other students attending the University, I used to be very economical in using the clothes in a creative way.  During the holidays when I was not attending the University, I helped the family to do some gardening by cultivating chillie plants and growing grass for the cow.   Through all these difficulties I was able to finish my University studies successfully.  At present I am waiting for a job to earn something to help my family financially.


6. Balamoorthi

I am Balamoorthi, from Jeyapuram. I am 32 years old. I joined a Tailoring shop and was trained in tailoring and through this I earned a small income.   The owner of the Tailoring shop was not pleased with my work and was always finding fault with my work.  He used to hurt me by saying that I can sew only elastic trousers.    Without taking any offence or getting depressed I worked hard to do my best in the job.  

During this time I lost my father and so the responsibility of caring for my mother and aunt fell on me.  Since I had learnt the art of sewing, I opened a Tailoring shop of my own and at present I am running a tailoring shop.  Since I was put out of the tailoring shop, I made up my mind to start a tailoring shop of my own and show that I too can run a tailoring shop and I am earning an income to look after my family through this venture.


7. Kantha Rubi

I am Kantha Rubi, from Jeyauram. I am 30 years old. When I was displaced I went to India, there I married and now I am blessed with three children.  My husband fell ill in India and passed away.  During this time, I was depressed and my mother was living in Sri Lanka and my father had passed away. 

Since my mother was alone, I returned to Sri Lanka and joined her.  After coming to Sri Lanka I was in a depressed state without any eagerness to care for my children.  Slowly I overcame this situation and wanted to look after my children and to educate them.   I started a small boutique and tried to earn some income to run the family and educate my children.  Now I am still struggling between earning an income and looking after my children and my mother.


8. Suraskumar Pathmalogini

I am Suraskumar Pathmalogini from Anichiyankulam, Mallavi. I am 35 years old. I was wounded in my stomach during the war and everybody gave up hope that I can survive. I was crouching like a Question Mark and was not able to eat anything. My eye site also was blurred, yet I wanted to live and hence made my own efforts to walk; tried eating rice little by little and surviving now.

Now I am married with two children aged 04 and 02 and the eldest is suffering from Asthma and lives on Nebulizer most of the time and the younger child gets epilepsy when he  gets high fever.  My struggle continues and I feel depressed at times.