Helped 7  children to receive the Sacraments

We live in a village called Mulagalampadu in the Diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. The people, including the Catholics, are poor and it is sad. Their faith remains weak, they find little value and meaning in receiving the Sacraments. Along with the Community Sisters, Sr. Sugirtha took much effort...Read more

Beyond the ‘man-made’ barriers between North & South…..

With the 200 Anniversary of the Holy Family, they conducted a program to enhance the mutual harmony between the North and the South in 2017. This programme brought together the hearts damaged during the 30 years of war. The 1st and the 2nd stages of the program which was named “Youth For Change”...Read more

The Miraculous Benediction

We, Commemorate and celebrate the Miraculous Benediction Commemorating the Miraculous Benediction has been an annual feature in the HF Units. But this second year of our preparation for 200 th year celebration of our Journey with the theme “Deepening of our Spirituality”, we have done it in a...Read more

The Bicentenary Project, “Youth for Change”

Sri Lanka - Jaffna The project “Youth for Change”, which was inaugurated on the 22 nd January 2017, commenced on 31 st January 2017. This is a year project and it came to a closed officially on the 28 th January 2018, by Sr. Christa Mariathas , Unit Leader. All the team members together with the...Read more

“Youth for Change”

Mallavi & Jeyapuram - SRILANKA Exhibition, Sales and Cultural programme and singing of Carols, By the War affected youth in Vanni- the PBN FAMILY Project We the Holy Family Sisters are great plans to celebrate the Bicentenary celebration- 200 years of our being as PBN Family in 2020. To be...Read more


En 2020, nous célébrerons le bicentenaire de la grande Famille de Pierre-Bienvenu Noailles… Une fête ça se prépare… Il nous faut habiller notre cœur… et ensemble nous mettre en marche. C’est à cela que nous sommes conviés aujourd’hui. Un bicentenaire est un temps de grâce, pas seulement pour ceux...Read more

Le chêne - nous parle de l’histoire de notre Famille

Le chêne nous parle du Bon Père*. Nous pouvons l’imaginer, ainsi que le décrit la Mère Bonnat, immobile au pied de l’arbre, les bras croisés sur la poitrine. « Père, que faites vous là ? Le jour baisse, il fait froid, voilà la nuit » “Dans mon rêve, la Sainte-Famille m’est apparue Comme un arbre...Read more

ETAPE 1 DU BICENTENAIRE - De la Solitude, Martillac

Réflexion sur le thème en carrefours Vivons la communion Célébrons la famille Questions - Pour moi, aujourd’hui, qu’est ce que la Famille ? Que représente-t-elle ? Des situations, des événements du vivre ensemble, m’ont appelé à un changement de regard… Pourquoi ? - Comment, dans ma vie, je trouve...Read more

A Bicentennial Meeting

Rock Ferry Members - A Bicentennial Meeting After one of their monthly meetings, and with thoughts of the bicentenary very much in mind, our Lay Associates suggested that they and the sisters get together as one family and share our past history as Holy Family. This was a time also to give thanks...Read more

Bicentenary Team Meeting - UNIT: INDIA

We would like to share with you the content of our 2nd meeting of Bicentenary Team briefly. On 14th July 2017 the meeting was held at Madurai Community and commenced at 10-00 A.M. with opening prayer led by Sr. Mercy Rani. The Gospel values and the Charism of our Founder were taken as our theme...Read more