Youth of the Holy Family in Colombo

Youth of the Holy Family in Colombo took the lead to celebrate the Patronal Feast of Good Father with the Family.

The Covid -19 pandemic has been keeping apart the members of the Noailles Family, without any opportunities of meeting up physically. Children, youth, adults, priests and even the sisters; all were yearning for an opportunity to gather but to make it a reality was a distant dream. Schools are closed for more than a year obstructing the children and the youth of the Holy Family to have their sessions. The government regulations prevail any kind of gathering. Those who had the facility continued their journey online.

Amidst this background, the national committee of the Holy Family Youth, comprised of 7 members came forward to give the Family a chance of reuniting on the Patronal Feast Day of our Good Father. There was not much time, only about 2 weeks to organize the day. They took up the challenge. The members were geographically scattered in many parts of the country, some of them are employed, working till late evening. Yet, in keeping with Founders words:

“There is nothing to check your cause…Go forward”


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