Vicariate Chapter of the Contemplatives

The 7th Holy Family Vicariate Chapter of the Contemplatives: July 1–10, 2022

Sr. Ana Maria Alcalde, Superior General, is participating in the Chapter, and gave the opening talk. The facilitator is Fr. Johannes GORANTLA, OCD. During the Chapter, the official elections for the Vicariate Leadership Team were completed in front of Srs.Ana Maria Alcalde and Malini Joseph, the Vicar. We thank the Sisters who said ‘Yes’ to be  part of the new Leadership Team to work alongside Sister  Malini.  May the Holy Family guide our whole Institute as we strive together to live our purpose in our third century.

Rishmala MICHAEL               -        Councillor

Ma Dolores SANZBERRO       -       Councillor

Annette SUWARIS                     -      Councillor