A special prayer of thanksgiving and welcome

“When something new happens, there is turmoil, disturbance, concern and joy. With some movements the person adapts slowly, which follows a profound interior silence” …  On 1st May, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, there was a special prayer of thanksgiving and welcome at the Generalate for Sr. Veronica Rapitso, the new General Bursar of our Institute. We gathered in front of the portrait of our Founder outside the Chapel to begin our prayer service, and processed to  the community where all participated in a  dance-movement, connecting us with one another and the whole of creation. The introductory reflection on transformation took its inspiration from the 20th General Chapter experience. Srs. Lourdes de la Fuente, Eithne Hughes and Malinie Jayamanne appreciated and thanked the former General Bursars of our Institute and their Assistants who have served our Big Family until today through their commitment. We thanked Veronica Rapitso who has said Yes to continue the same mission. Sr. Ana Maria Alcalde then  presented her with the one of the Crosses given by our Founder to our Early Mothers, and passed down by various  General Council members. Finally, Srs. Maline Jeyamannie, Geni Dos Santos, Jasmine Fernando, Georgine Mufogoto and Christa Mariathas, representing the Institute blessed and welcomed Veronica to her new ministry and the new community.

We sincerely thank Sr. Malinie Jayamanne for her dedication and service to the Institute and the Family, and pray that God may bless her abundantly as she moves forward.