The centre where the Assembly of Brazil took place is called “The Arsenal of Hope”.  At the moment, it is a house which receives homeless people and is also a meeting place for the young people of the Ipiranga region where we live.  We joined with the group from the Parish of San Alfonso.   The phrase which remained engraved on their hearts was, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God ”. The day ended with a Way of the Cross with the homeless people who were in the house.  For us it was a call to contemplate the “Christs” who are suffering in our cities.

A sense of Church pervaded the place, an awareness that we are the beloved daughters and sons of God who want to support those who feel rejected or are looking for an identity as well as  those who are lonely and misunderstood.

The retreat ended with a Mass at which we celebrated the 40th birthday of the chaplain of the Pastoral Action Group for Sexual Diversity which gathers together people of different sexual orientations and their families. We began Lent with these sisters and brothers who were able to speak freely in this place about what they are and what they want to be.  

Silvia Elena Coronel Mundaca

Community of  Paulo de Moraes