The Lord is Risen!



If I were there to hear this message when it was first proclaimed would I have believed it? I doubt it. How could I believe such a thing? Therefore, I do not blame those who did not believe. How do we know that He was risen - because the tomb was empty? There are other explanations for the empty tomb. Someone may have taken away the body – as was claimed. On the other hand, early in the morning the women may have gone to the wrong tomb. The empty tomb could be a symbol of the Resurrection but it cannot be the proof of Jesus’ Resurrection.


We believe in the resurrection because of the witness of those who experienced the Risen Lord. They saw him, talked to him, walked with him and broke bread with him. Those who were close to Jesus in his life, suffering and death, experienced him after his resurrection. This witness has been transmitted to us and we believe it, not only because of their experience of Jesus but because we also experience Jesus in our own lives.


Many times I have listened to my Buddhist friends talking about their religion. I think it is a beautiful religion. There are no strict dogmas. It is a beautiful way of life that appeals to the heart and mind. However, I feel that it is the experience of a personal living, God in my life that keeps me in the Christian faith. Jesus, about whom I read in the Gospels, is not a dead Jesus. He is alive and present in my life. I experience him in a personal way even though it is difficult to explain that experience to another. It can only be communicated through the witness of life. I do not know whether I have communicated it to others, but I know definitely, that many have communicated it to me through the witness of their lives. It is possible. Let us try. The biggest challenge for me this Easter is to be in touch with my personal experience of the Risen Lord and to be His witness.


 Sr. Winifreda Wasalathanthrige 

*(Source: Weavings – Holy Family in South Africa)