UP-LIFT THE GIRL CHILD – Vocational Training Programme


On the 11th of January 2021, we began our 6th ‘Uplift the Girl Child’ Training Process in Mthasewe, one of the centers in Benga Parish. It is here that we began our first training program two years ago, that we really, practically learned the culture and the needs of the girls. The first group of girls of Thasewe laid the foundation of ‘Uplift the Girl Child’ Process. They encouraged us to be more creative in responding to the needs of the rest of the girls. This encouragement pushed us to move forward courageously into other centers of the parish.

Considering the Covid 19 Pandemic, we selected 12 girls to follow the course in order to comply with the restrictions. In the process of the course we had to close down for two weeks adhering to the request of the government, as the number of Covid patients were on the increase in the country. It was a challenge, not knowing exactly when we would be able to continue….. With the blessings of God, things returned to normal and after consulting the Parish Priest Fr Manolo, we were able to continue after two exactly weeks. We experienced the eagerness and joy of the 12 young women who came back to continue the process. 

And so we began our Training Program, being conscious of the blessings of the Risen Lord by lighting the Paschal Candle.                           

January to April is the rainy season in Malawi……Time for cultivation. The whole family is involved in the field. Yet, giving priority to this Vocational Training, the parents of these young women encouraged their daughters to follow the one month course in the midst of their economic challenges. 

Meditation and concentration are the tools for a life of serenity and tranquility. The young women were trained daily on different methods of meditation.

They dedicated themselves fully to learning to sew various types of dresses and bags, looking forward to brightening their future through self-employment. During the training they were also encourage to save money so that they may learn to save a little from what they earn in future.

This group had the opportunity to prepare a different forms of Model Home Garden and cultivate    various kinds of green leaves that could be used as vegetables. On the Final day the harvest was shared with Fr. Fernando.

The food items introduced in this course were snacks made out of maize flour, tomato jam and banana flower as a vegetable, to encourage them for self-employment.

The young women were trained to think, plan and act in order to uplift themselves and their families. Self-Awareness, Conflict management, Time Management, Communication Skills and Social Awareness are been taught to build up their mental and Spiritual life through various activities and discussions.

The Awarding Ceremony was held on the 27th February 2021. The girls welcomed the guests, as well as the parents of the young women and friends. The ceremony began thanking and praising God at the Eucharistic celebration. Later, all were invited for the entertainment, It was a great day for the village Mthasewe.. The program was conducted by the young women. A presentation of the one month program was presented by Sr. Matilda Lazarus, and  Sudarshani Fernando gave the Vote of Thanks. The 12 women were honored with certificates distributed by Rev. Fr. Fernando Aguirre,  along a sewing kit, and Vegetable seeds to begin Home Garden.

Our sincere Thanks to God Almighty, and to all who contributed to the success of this Programme.                                                                                                                 


Holy Family Sisters – Benga Parish - Malawi