The Joy of being consecrated to the Lord in the Holy Family  of Bordeaux


In Mokolo Nazareth, August 9 was a wonderful day for the large Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles and especially for the Unit of Cameroon-Chad.   It was a joyful day of celebration because  Peedi Fernande responded to God’s call to give her whole life to the service of her sisters and brothers as an Apostolic Sister.   At the same time, Srs.  Nadège, Violette, Tabitha and Gwladys renewed their vows.

In his homily, based on John 15: 1-9, Fr. Paul Matakon,  Priest Associate, emphasised the importance of the branches being attached to the vine in order to bear good fruit. A fruit tree may have beautiful branches and leaves but they are worthless if they do not bear good fruit.

Before inviting Peedi Fernande to make her vows and giving her the cross, a sign of her belonging to the Institute,  Sr. Solange Graka, Delegate, reminded us that we are called to follow Christ and to share in his mission of communion.    Fernande then made her vows in deep thanksgiving for the gift received.                                           

 “On this blessed day, I am happy to thank the Lord who has called me to serve God in the large Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles. Surrounded by my Sisters and all who have come to take part in this celebration, how could I not give thanks to God and sing my Magnificat? I heard the Good Father saying to me, ‘Nothing can now hold you back’”.   Fernande went on to say that she relies on the love and fidelity of the Lord to enable her to grow in her commitment each day.  She also counts on the support of her Sisters and the people  the Lord will put in her life to live the mission of communion for God Alone in the footsteps of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

This lovely day ended with a meal shared in the joy of the Lord.


Sr. Nadège  Nguiko, HFB

Communications Service