Now is a favourable time to take a closer look at our life-models, the Holy Family of Nazareth. Who were they? They lived like the other families in the town of Nazareth.  I imagine that they lived with simplicity and kindness... Mary:  woman of unshakable faith in God, attentive neighbour, joyful companion, friend; faithful disciple of Yahweh, woman of hope,  waiting in silence for the Promise of God to be fulfilled,  and tenderly bringing up Jesus, her son. Joseph, a simple man, good neighbour, brother, cheerful worker... the carpenter, smoothing and polishing with firmness, teaching Jesus how to be the Son of God.

The family shared life itself with their neighbours, in ways that were invisible to human eyes, but real to the eyes of faith. God the Son was dwelling among them, this is what made them a Holy Family; their greatest purpose was to radiate with their lives the love of God that is community, divine Family. Our Good Father Pierre Bienvenu Noailles exhorts us to contemplate "…that Jesus, Mary and Joseph, gentle image of the Trinity be a source of inspiration", he also urges us to "Go to Nazareth and contemplate".

Nowadays, in a society where a great many people are indifferent to recognising God in their lives, the members of the PBN Family,  through our ordinary life together,  can transmit the Family Charism, which gives meaning to life, gives us joy and commits us to contemplate the virtues that the members of the Holy Family lived. "Insofar as feeble creatures can approach such perfect models, be gentle, compassionate and obedient like Jesus; humble, modest and pure, like Mary; poor, industrious and faithful like St. Joseph;  [be} worthy children of the Holy Family" PBN. We have a goal to accomplish.

It is of vital importance to cultivate this spiritual dimension for every person, particularly believers: to contemplate, to reflect on the way our lives can contribute to make more harmonious our living together in community or family. We need to meditate on our relationship with each one, asking ourselves some questions: Who are they for me? What is my commitment? What would J.M.J. do in my place?

The Holy Family became a family in a stable, and according to their life journey that is described for us in the gospels, they very soon began their pilgrimage through the world... it is clear that they were sent not only for Nazareth, but for the whole world; their lives were never for themselves, they are for God alone and they radiate their virtues for humanity. Let us embrace their way of life.


Peru - Latin America