In this joyful Christmas atmosphere the Universal Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth, in a social context where our families have been weakened by various circumstances, longing for credible paradigms to follow.

In this Sunday’s Gospel from Luke 2, we are presented with an episode of family life and faith- commitment to God: Joseph and Mary go to the Temple of Jerusalem to present their Child, the  firstborn son, according to the law of Moses.

Our Good Father, Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, in his inspiration as Founder, saw fit to leave us the Holy Family of Nazareth as models of life. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph must be their models, in the virtues of the hidden life as in the works of the active life.”   (Cf. Spiritual Guide No.39 )

Today, the Members of the Holy Family are called to take very seriously the invitation: "Go to Nazareth and contemplate" in order to be permeated with its values, its virtues... so as to have the impulse to live our Charism of Communion, starting at home with those closest to us.

 May we live like the Holy Family, announcing and promoting it with passion so that other families may also feel attracted to live in the footsteps of J.M.J.!

Pope Francis also reminds us: "Having a place to go is called home. Having people to love is called family, and having both is called Blessing".

To belong to the PBN Family is a blessing. May the Feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth renew our lives and our commitment.

Happy Feast!

Rubeni Pejerrey Campodónico

Peru - Latin America